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The magic weapon of successful management under the arms of PAKISS!!

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Kiwi fruit: The transformation plan of the girl begins. Summer is coming soon

As a kiwi girl, I'm going to start my transformation. The skin plan of boiled eggs is ready

I did a lot of homework and read a lot of recommendations. Finally, I chose this Baitishi hair remover. The sapphire light outlet is super luminous

At home, you can also achieve the effect of the cinema line, spend a small amount of money to do big things, and give away hair scraper and sunglasses. IPL pulse light hair removal technology is no worse than freezing point

There are five gears in total, and two modes can be selected according to the fuzziness: manual mode and automatic mode

Automatic mode, automatic continuous light, hands free, light on the skin is not hot and painful, and the student party can easily get the price of about 200

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