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Kiwi girl savior pakiss freezing point hair remover

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I regret that I didn't buy this hair remover earlier. I'm really happy without hair!

I am a kiwi girl, and only a kiwi girl can understand how embarrassing it is to have more body hair!

Hair removal lasts for many years. Finally, it is convenient and convenient to choose a household hair removal instrument~

PAKISS ice point hair remover is really easy to use~

A total of 5 gears from low to high can be adjusted automatically according to the required position~

Before starting, you need to use manual shaving to wear goggles to select the mode

The lamp holder vertically compresses the skin, and the depilation starts when the indicator light is on

After stripping, remember to apply body milk to moisturize.

Is it easy! It's more fragrant and cost-effective than a beauty salon~

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