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Is there anyone who doesn't know about this affordable ice point hair remover?

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You Baozi didn't know that I would be sad with this hair remover, ok? The depilators used before are not very cheap

This time, let's use the PAKISS hair remover. The feeling is as follows

This affordable hair remover is really amazing to me. I was wondering if the affordable hair remover would hurt very much, but it turned out to be completely not, very mild. One of the expensive hair removers used before had a very red skin after finishing

The important thing is that I haven't grown much hair since I played for a week. It's really good. It will have obvious effect in the last eight weeks, but I think it will take effect quickly, but it varies from person to person. Ha ha


(1) -- The fuzz must be scraped off first to prevent burning

(2) Press the automatic mode to remove leg hair, and it will automatically play. The manual mode is more suitable for removing private parts and armpit hair;

(3) The whole process takes about 20 minutes. Finally, the body milk is applied. The whole process is cold and cold. It's expensive to buy, but you should choose the right one~

Reference time of each part Underarm: 4-5 minutes Bikini on each side: 8-10 minutes Lip on each side: 2-3 minutes Leg on each side Arm on each side: 25-30 minutes

Don't touch the water for 6 hours after playing! Wear sunglasses before use to avoid eye damage. What are you waiting for? Use them now, sisters

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