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Halitosis and foreign bodies are all gone The tooth puncher is really awesome!!

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My oral environment is at least not a little better, but girls like me with extremely sensitive gums are not so picky about the selection of dental implants

Those who will spray painful gums in the process of flushing teeth will come out!

I will eliminate them directly

A treasure level tooth puncher I dug recently, which is my beauty!

This tooth puncher can be called gingival protection grade tooth puncher

It is especially suitable for people with poor dental conditions like me. It is equipped with three levels of gingival protection and tooth flushing mode: gingival protection massage, gentle gingival protection and gingival cleaning

It can not only be used to clean the residual meat residue between teeth, but also can play a role in massage and gingival care. Is this a VIP dental impactor?!

It is not convenient to take out on business trips

In addition, it is equipped with a standard nozzle and can also be used for directional flushing! Gum protection nozzle! I have used a lot of tooth punches these years

It means that the first time I see the nozzle with this design

It can let the water flow into the periodontal pocket for intensive care of the gums, just like the hook angles that the toothbrush often cannot brush when brushing teeth, this nozzle can help to clean in place

Sisters who want to clean and protect their gums without mistake

You must not miss this high beauty+excellent effect!

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