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Refuse to be a kiwi girl and try to be an egg girl

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I want to be an egg girl, and no one should stop me. Until today, I know that the lady's friend is hairy,

But she secretly used the hair removal instrument behind my back, and she was beautiful alone, which made me embarrassed,

So in order to compensate my young mind, I bought one for me. Ha ha,

I will use it immediately after arriving. I really don't want to be a kiwi girl, and I don't want to expose my small forest when I go out and wear beautiful clothes.

My friend bought me light green, which is very fresh. Her own is dark green, which is very advanced. Ha ha, and she also gave me sunglasses and a hair scraper,

The needle is good. This hair remover has five modes, which can take off the whole body without pain,

At the beginning, the gear can be turned down a little, and then it can be turned up a little if you adapt! Do I still worry about being hairy with him?

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