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PAKISS Baitishi The hair removal machine in the world is really worth it!!

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Summer is coming! No one can refuse a bikini with suspenders and floral dresses! Cool and hot! Cool is cool!

I'm scared of taking off my pants! I can't bear to look straight at you with thick leg hair! My boyfriend will compete with me when he sees his trouser legs folded

I can stand it. I ordered my favorite hair removal artifact with my boyfriend's card overnight

This is really not impulsive consumption! I have done my homework for a long time

To be honest, I have used many products before, such as hair removal cream and wax, which have hair removal effects

But there is no black spot, no coarse hair, and the hair suppression effect can be achieved

Because of personal physical reasons, they are more sensitive to pain. After reading the evaluation, they all said that it is cold and completely painless

I really fell in love with the dark green color, mainly because the packaging and equipment inside were of high quality! The goggles and hair scraper provided are very practical!

I just want to say "earn"! Get the horse I really want to call it the super magic of the 21st century! Sapphire ice point outlet is like ice coating~

I just started the machine and wore glasses. It started to fog up. I used it for my legs and arms. I also used it around my mouth. It was cold all the time. It was like taking ice to apply hair removal!

I don't feel hot when I use it. I don't leave any hair anywhere! The skin is slippery in an instant! Thin skin! Tender! Meat! It will shine!!

There are 1-5 gears in total. All parts can be selected by one optical outlet. It is very convenient without replacing the accessory head

It has been used for about three weeks, and now it is 3-4 gear. If you just started using the hair remover, you can start from the first gear and try to adapt to it. After that, the gear can be gradually increased

I used it three times in the first week, and twice in the second week. I've been using it for three weeks now. It's obvious that the hair is not very long, even if the new hair is thin and soft

It's clean after you take it off! It looks much whiter than before~and there are no annoying black spots

Compared with going to the beauty salon, one part will cost 1000 yuan! Now, only 0.1r each time, you can enjoy the 10000 yuan ice point hair removal service at home! Earn!!!

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